Truth Model Search Contest

Below are a few photos I have taken as possible candidates for Truth Hair’s  ongoing photo contest.  The contest is open to everyone, and entries can be submitted until June 1.   The grand prize winner will receive a Truth Hair gift card for 2500L, and the 10 runner-ups, 1000L gift cards.  Check out the Flickr Group for contest details.

With so many fabulous entries already submitted, the chances of winning look pretty slim, but it is a fun, creative challenge, and a nice opportunity to share my work with others.

Truth Model Contest Entry reduced

Truth Photo Contest 2 reduced


Snapshot_022 reduced

Snapshot_001 glow reduced

Snapshot_012 (2) reduced

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Hollywood, the Event: Free Gifts

Snapshot_001 Snapshot_003

Shown Above:

Skin – HUIT – Skin Fair 2013 Gift (0L / Skin Fair)

Eyes –  MULHOLLAND – Angelina Eyes (0L / Hollywood: The Event)

Dress/ Jewelry –  FA Creations – Dress (0L / Hollywood: The Event)


Shown Above:

Dress –  Gizza – Hollywood Gift (0L / Hollywood: The Event)

Snapshot_022 Snapshot_024

Shown Above:

Hair –  Miss C. – Kate [brown] (0L / Hollywood: The Event)

Dress –  M&M Bareback Dress – MESH (0L / Hollywood: The Event)

Boa–  *MLC* Lana Fur Stole (0L / Hollywood: The Event)

Earrings–  DBL – Ms Hepburn Earrings (0L / Hollywood: The Event)

Shoes –  Eclectica – Hollywood Shoes [fuschia] (0L / Hollywood: The Event)


Shown Above:

Hair –  Miss C. – Kate [brown] (0L / Hollywood: The Event)

♥Dress/Earrings – Snowpaws – Ballerina Aurora Dress (0L / Hollywood: The Event)

Shoes –  Epic – MESH Glitter Heels [silver] (0L / Hollywood: The Event)


Shown Above:

Costume / Jewelry – Kastle Rock – Maya Silks Gown – Earthen (0L / Hollywood: The Event) 

Grand Opening: Stella Maris Couture

I’ve been taking a break from blogging freebies over this past month to experiment with designing some clothes of my own for my soon-to-be SL clothing store, Stella Maris Couture!  Pictured above is one of the dresses which will be available in my Marketplace shop.  Stay tuned for more details!

Glam Gift I

HairPocket Mirrors Guadalupe Updo [Charcoal]  (new! / not free)

Skin –  LAQ Phoebe2 [Peach] Glow Skin (not free)

DressLIV-Glam Fall 2012 Group Gift 008  (0L / group gift / 200L to join)

JewelryA Touch of Ireland– MND Hunt Gift (1L / no longer hidden/ part of a complete outfit)

Clutch Indy&Co Snakeskin Clutch [honeysuckle] (not free)

ShoesSLink Lara Mary Jane Heels (0L / subscribo gift)


Hair –  DiscountCoture Kalista Streaked [platinum] (1L / marketplace)

SkinYS & YS Megan Group Gift Skin (0L / free to join)

Eye Makeup – Glamorize Dance Combo Makeup (0L / marketplace)

Top – Brookfeldts – Black Denim (oL / marketplace)

Pants –  blah.BLAH.blah Rockin Hawt Pants (oL / Past and Future Hunt Prize / until Aug 31)

Jewelry –  N@N@ Bag Hiashi Set (1oL / The Wash – Cart Sale)

GlovesIndyra Originals Black Lace Gloves (0L / Vintage Fair / until Aug 29)

Shoes –  N-Core Coquette Platform “Wild” (0L / group gift / free to join)

The Pull of My Celestial Body

HairAlice Project Tessa Infinity [color change]  (no longer free)

SkinMystic Canvass Steph – Seraphim Skin (not free)

Dress / StockingsSassy! Orbit Dress (oL / Past and Future Hunt / until Aug 31)

Shoes –  {moSmo} Ribbed Knit Vintage  Pumps [stone] (1L / marketplace)

Vintage Classic

HairTruth Tanya [light browns]  (not free)

SkinLiew Emmy Skin 14 (0L / Lucky Board or Camping Chair)

Eyeshadowee. Linter 1L Promo  (1L / marketplace)

Gown – *1-800-BETTIE’S* Lace Confection II Gown [blue] (10L / Vintage Fair / until Aug 29)

HatWEG Le Dernier Lamento (0L / group gift / part of a complete outfit)

NecklaceThe Jewellery Exchange Asterio (oL / Past & Future Hunt / until Aug 31)

GlovesIndyra Originals Black Lace Gloves (0L / Vintage Fair / until Aug 29)

ShoesSLink Lara Mary Jane Heels (0L / subscribo gift)

Jane & Gypsy

Here I am pictured with pet horse Gypsy, the first among the many of my Amaretto horses.  For those of you who are new to SL horses, particularly Amaretto Breedables, here are the basics:

♥ Amarettos need land on which to live, either in a rented stable or on one’s own land

♥ These horses require food, which costs approximately $25L per week per horse if you keep one as a pet, and about $40L per week if you choose to breed it.  The costs can be somewhat less if buying in bulk

♥ Amarettos must be ridden regularly to keep them happy.  Otherwise, they need to be fed salt

If you are interested in purchasing a baby bundle for yourself, please check out my stand at Forest Knolls Horse Market. IM me, JaneRavenswood, inworld.  I have a large selection of Black Walkers and Red Arabians, but also several White Walkers, an Appaloosa like my own Gypsy, and a Clydesdale!   They range in price from $49L to $299L, and are quite a fair deal for the market.

Angel of Passion

HairTruth Tanya [fudge]  (not free)

GownLIV-Glam Primadonna Ti Raw Silk Gown [red] (0L /subscribo gift)

Li’l Mesh Dress


Hair –  Mohna Lisa Dolce Hair with Ribbon (10L / group gift / free to join)

SkinMystic Canvass Steph – Seraphim Skin (not free)

Dress / ChokerMohna Lisa MESH (0L / group gift / free to join)

BootsSmexy Boots Star (oL / Past & Future Hunt / until Aug 31)

Outfit 2:

Hair –  Calico Ingmann Creations Kennedi [color change] (no longer free)

Dress Vogue August Group Gift MESH (0L / group gift / free to join)

Rococo in Pink

Hair –  ChiChickie! Jia [color change] (no longer free)

Skin –  LAQ Phoebe2 [Peach] Glow Skin (not free)

ChokerWEG Le Jardin de la Fille (old group gift / no longer free)

GownArmoire Suzette (0L / free gift) Thank you to RivieraChic !

A Little Bit of Pixie Dust

Hair –  Amacci Eva [dark brown] (not free)

Dress / JewelryA Touch of Ireland– MND Hunt Gift (1L / in-store / no longer hidden)

Photo taken at: Never Neverland

Molly Malone

Hair –  ChiChickie! Jia [color change] (not free)

SkinEstel Bianca – Bronze – Soft Sunset (old hunt gift / no longer free)

Outfit A Touch of Ireland– Past & Future Hunt Gift (oL / hidden in store until Aug 31)

Photo taken at: Ocean Realms Scotland

Bourbon Street

Hair –  A&A Misa Hair [jetblack] (0L / marketplace)

Skin –  TuTy’s Nadia Set with 10 Makeup Options [Sunkissed]  (0L / marketplace)

Dress / Necklace / ParasolA Touch of Ireland– Bourbon St 2 Hunt Gift MESH (1L / in-store / no longer hidden)

StockingsSonatta Morales Flapper Silk Stockings (0L / free gift)

Shoes –  WEG Le Dernier Lamento (group gift / part of a complete outfit)

Lily of the Nile

New wine it is, to hear your voice;
I live for hearing it.
To see you with each look,
Is better than eating and drinking

Your love has penetrated all within me
Like honey plunged into water,
Like an odor which penetrates spices

For heaven makes your love
Like the advance of flames in straw,
And its longing like the downward swoop of a hawk.

Your hand in my hand,
My soul inspired
My heart in bliss,
Because we go together.

Hair –  A&A Katsuki Hair [darkbrown] (0L / marketplace)

SkinMystic Canvass Steph – Seraphim Skin (not free)

Dress / EyeshadowAffinity Boutique Summerian – (oL / Past & Future Hunt / until Aug 31)

Bracelet –  LoveCatz Nile Queen Bracelet (group gift / 0L / free to join)

Shoes –  ChoOoZ “Cosette” DeepSea Aqua&Platinum/Gold (1L / marketplace)

Photo taken at: Da Vinci Gardens